If you need a fingerprinting appointment for the state of New Jersey please visit an Identogo location by going to

Privacy Policy

Verbal confirmation from customer is required to secure all appointments.

Credit/Debt Card payments are required at least two hours before your scheduled appointment to secure the appointment.

Cash payments are due at the time of your appointment before your fingerprints are taken.

Appointments canceled within thirty minutes of scheduled appointment slot will result in the loss of travel fees.( The amount billed for the actual fingerprinting process will be refunded to you)

All questions; including questions regarding our agency or the fingerprinting process etc. should be directed to our phone or email support. Not to the specialist taking your fingerprints.
It is the customers responsibility to verify the requirements of the institution that the prints are being sent to.
In the rare case that fingerprints are rejected due to fingerprint impressions; clients have 45 days from the date the fingerprints were taken to submit proof of failed prints (I.E Documentation from the institution stating that the fingerprints failed). Upon receiving proof that the fingerprints have been rejected we will fingerprint clients free of charge.